Gum Shop Salesman Roleplay (Soft Spoken ASMR)

Hey poopsies! This video includes gum chewing (with the regular incorporated wet mouth sounds that comes with chewing gum), along with my soft-spoken voice, and me trying to sell you gum including Ice Breakers, Orbit, and Trident, along with many flavors of gum. I tried making this video as simple as possible to bring back that original ASMR vibe. I remember posting a gum-chewing video when I first started my channel and I really wanted to bring that back. Someone told me to make this video so to whoever did, thank you. I purposely made it seem more realistic as if someone was tasting gum and giving their honest opinion on the flavors, and some of the crinkling sounds were not intentional, so technically, this is unintentional ASMR. Some find that type of video the most relaxing, so that’s why it gives it that vibe of the ‘original’ ASMR style of video as well. Almost amateur in a sense.

Binaural Potato Microphones for ASMR, Relaxation and Sleep

Departure Ep 2 Frontiers

Departure Ep. 2: Frontiers – ASMR Sci-Fi Series